Хонда cr 80 инструкция

хонда cr 80 инструкция
And for the car enthusiasts wanting a hybrid that can be tricked-out, the CR-Z is just the vehicle. Retrieved 2011-09-03. ^ «American Honda Reports December Sales». California: . Its six-speed manual makes it the only hybrid with three pedals. An optional CVT adds $650. This gas engine, while identical in displacement to the current 117-pony four in the Fit, is really closer to the first-gen Fit’s 1.5-liter in the Honda L-series-engine family tree, according to Honda.

Click here to download your 2008 CRF230 L owners manual. The radio is a bit of a reach; however, if you go with the available voice-activated navigation, you can just speak commands or activate the iPod integration controls from the steering wheel. The neutral chassis can provide entertainment on two-laners, but bleed off too much speed, and getting the CR-Z back up to a velocity sufficient to reach its 0.85-g handling limit will take another corner, maybe two. Click here to download your 2006 CRF100 F owners manual.

Used vehicles are subject to prior sale. By accessing this website, you agree to the TrueCar Terms of Service. Category:CRF50Date:January 21, 2014 CRF50F-2012 CRF50F-2012 CRF50F-2012.pdf 3.5 MiB 924 DownloadsDetails The following file is a free PDF available for download. Exterior alterations included a new front bumper, smoothed off rear bumper, and a smaller plastic radio antenna on the rear of the roof. «Nighthawk Black» was added to the list of paint choices, while «Passion Orange» disappeared. However, The CR-Z is still a great car for long…… drives as well as quick inner-city commutes. Unlike preceding models it features a rear liftgate rather than a side-opening rear door and no longer has the spare tire mounted on the rear door. The pattern of the cloth on the seats was also redesigned, and the head restraints earned an acceptable rating from the IIHS for whiplash protection.

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