Вс про тойоту приус инструкция

вс про тойоту приус инструкция
Toyota has engineered every component of the hybrid system in the 2016 Prius to increase efficiency and cut cost and weight. Engine braking is inefficient because it uses the engine as an air pump, converting kinetic energy into heat. Switching to neutral for going down short hills is far more efficient …unless you have an accident or get a ticket at the bottom of the hill! This new model employs an upgraded version of the outgoing car’s Atkinson-cycle engine, with the addition of a cooled exhaust-gas-recirculation system, and faster combustion due to intake ports that increase tumble in the combustion chambers. The newer Prius does not have a transaxle pan that can be dropped.

Указатель заряда батарей на многофункциональном дисплее Prius 2005 года. Plus, unless driven ultra-conservatively, mileage numbers at not all that spectacular. It is more fun to drive than the Prius c though and power delivery is livable. Straight forward with price of vehicle and priced to sell. Getting information on a vehicle was like pulling teeth. With weight essentially unchanged and only a small aerodynamic improvement—the drag coefficient drops from 0.25 to 0.24—this is a useful improvement. Then again, a Fiesta ST starts in the low $20,000 range, is better optioned, a ton of fun and is quite efficient in its own-right.

The Toyota Prius c is a compelling vehicle for those more focused on pure efficiency, but is far too expensive in loaded up “Four” trim. The combined output of the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors is 121 horsepower. By Mike Schlee Sep 23, 2014 Photos by Sami Haj-Assaad The future is frugal.

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