Videoget инструкция

videoget инструкция
Let’s copy our FlexGrid directive and assign itemsSource to our data model from our app component.Add the component placeholder to default.html and provide any additional styling for the component. All the rental motorhome followers will tell you : the essential thing, in order to be successful in your trip or holidays tour, is to choose the interior features according to the number of persons that will live in it. Today we’re going to walk through how to add Wijmo FlexGrid to a new application. In this video, we’ll be using Visual Studio 2015 with Intellisense and TypeScript, but you can use command line or other editors. Make yourself a training playlist – music at the right tempo for those critical pace changes might just pull you through a tough set. Add a new typescript class and a companion template. We can remove the html code. Finally, copy the base style. Go back to Visual Studio and include everything in styles and scripts into the project.

Add the necessary Wijmo control references as well. We will need to do some configuring of SystemJS. You can see here, we will put our component in the src folder. Next, create a class and call the data service to load data into FlexGrid. I am going to copy some generic data into my DataSvc. Keep column titles in sight as you scroll down a spreadsheet. First, define decorators and MetaData so that the component can be placed where ever it’s called in the markup. This is extremely slow on large images that are accessed remotely. Download this course Offline version (36 MB) Quick reference card See the quick reference card for a brief, printable reminder of the key points in this course.

Программа VideoGet компактная и удобная в пользовании, работает с любыми типами интернет-подключений и поддерживает более десяти языков. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide in a spreadsheet. Finally, we’ll pass expose some directives to our component from Wijmo’s Input Run the application.

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