Vc87 true rms инструкция

The answer is: the Trisonic is a very tiny multimeter. It’s about the size of three 9 V batteries combined — or about the size of a folded up clamshell mobile phone. Enter the passcode and press the «Auto/Hold» button one last time. As soon as the screen displays «C-01,» the Fluke 87 is in calibration mode Complete the First Step in the Calibration Process Locate the table in the Fluke 87 user manual that deals with the calibration settings. Multimeter test leads with banana plugs and sockets.

For $10.95 (not including shipping), this includes all of the measurement features of its weaker sibling. After accepting the calibration, the screen displays «C-03.» Follow the same steps as before up to «C-31.» After completing the calibration for «C-31,» the screen displays the word «End.» Now press the «Auto/Hide» button one last time. Low Pass Filters It is an extremely useful function for accurately measuring frequency and voltage of VFD. It is designed to not allow unnecessary voltage above 1 kHz while determining frequency and voltage. The high end multimeter have this feature equipped. If you need to measure non-linear loads which are normally found in the electronic controllers than this is the feature you have to have.
The 87V multimeter can operate in a very wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F). If you must use the meter in sub-zero conditions, you’ll be thankful for the 87V’s glove-friendly dial and buttons. The resolution may change based on the range you’ve selected on the device, for most accurate results you should select lowest possible range. The controls are easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to adjust. A rotary switch and grouping of buttons could not be any easier to use. Protection – if I overload the meter, will it blow up in my face? Indication of resistance is done either via beep or turning on light on the multimeter. There are different independent safety certification firms from which a manufacturer should obtain certificates.

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