Установка jetter инструкция видео

установка jetter инструкция видео
This option appears on the payment page of your checkout, before you enter payment details. Алгоритм работы Джеттера предельно прост: его микропроцессор преобразует сигнал по принципу удвоения. This jetter is available in gearbox direct drive or optional hydraulic drive.

Исключением не стали отечественные автомобили: Лада Калина; Лада Приора; Лада Гранта; Лада Самара 2; внедорожник Лада 4×4 Нива; Уаз Патриот. The Clog Hog drain cleaner has no electrical or moving mechanical parts so you can safely clean it with the gentle nozzle of your pressure washer after use. Install the provided jetter hose onto the hose reel and attach the desired nozzle for the job at hand. The jet punched through a paper/ other stuff clog that was about 120 feet and 2 clean outs from the original bathroom entry point. Корректор не требует перепрошивки контроллера. Не влияет на работу других узлов и систем автомобиля.

Clog Hog also makes special sewer jetters for hot water pressure washers. Back to Top Can it thaw frozen drain lines? Standard delivery to the Continental USA usually takes 3-5 business days after receipt of your order. Always use the Clog Hog drain cleaner in a well-ventilated area.

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