Total commander poweruser v62 инструкция возможности

See Real NAS for details. —Yvasilev 20:49, 25 Jul 2005 (CEST) Has anyone successfully recompiled the stock 2.4.20 or any 2.6.x series kernel? No. I’ve had a look into the sources Buffalo provides, but they lack a proper kernel configuration. However, since there are no kernel headers, I wasn’t able to compile much. Install C/C++ Compiler Does anyone know how to install a C/C++ compiler on Terastation? —jones 17:49, 17 May 2006 (CEST) I managed to create a cross compiler, which I then used to compile a native compiler on the Terastation. Shall I just delete everything and copy the original image.dat/tmpimage.tgz all over? Any help would be appreciated. —jveal 16:20, 24 Apr 2006 I install SAMBA 3.x and it does support unicode. Only the DIAG LED is continous blinking (about 4 times a second or so) and the Power LED is off.

Запуск с Ctrl обновит программу MKey — назначение разных действий любым клавишам и их сочетаниям. Also the simple mount (like written above by someone) does not work. Запуск с Ctrl обновит программу RBTray — управление окнами RedButton — очистка от логов, временных файлов. But the number is correct, it is a problem of the endian, of course.

Click the second entry from above in the navigation pane, the line with the paper icon left. Scroll down to the block where you can read «Windows» in english. See crosstool for details on how to compile a cross compiler. Connect the TeraStation directly to your computer via cable.

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