Swift infrared control helicopter инструкция

swift infrared control helicopter инструкция
LiteHawk II — Landing Gear (Skid) Replacement Looking at the bottom of the helicopter, you will see four screws that attach the skids to the helicopter. LiteHawk II — Main Rotor Blade Replacement — Looking at the blades, you will see a screw that attaches the blade to the blade grip. Cool, huh? If you push the direction stick to the left the helicopter will turn anti-clockwise in one place (if you’re not sure about this then read step 2 again). When you gently push the direction stick to the right the helicopter will gain a small amount of forward speed. When you push it up the helicopter begins to gain height. Once the light goes out your LiteHawk is charged. NOTE: when remote is in standby, LED will be green. — Charging from the USB — Plug the USB into your computer USB port. Once you master that, try lifting off, turning to the right in a full circle, and then landing once you straighten out.

Remove these screws and the skids will come off. Alternate flying close to the ground a high up to get a good feel of this principle.Try slightly moving the rudder joystick to the right or left and watch your RC helicopter change direction. Slowly push the throttle stick up until the helicopter takes off. Shop in Puerto Rico Now it’s easier than ever to shop at Sears in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Colorful The bright colourscheme of this helicopter makes it an eyecatcher in the sky, which makes it impossible to lose! Please note that orders which exceed the quantity limit will be auto-canceled.

The heli is very light so the wind will affect its flight quite a bit. Unscrew this screw and remove the blade.- Replace the same way as it was removed. One drawback: the helicopter always moves forward when in operation. 3-channel controls allow you to stop the helicopter from moving forward so it can hover in place instead.

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