Solar controller 80a описание инструкция

solar controller 80a описание инструкция
The I/O board, as well as optional communications card are also housed in the lower unit. The innovative FLEXmax MPPT software algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing your photovoltaic array power yield up to 30% compared to non-MPPT controllers. This is a 3-function controller that provides battery charging, load or diversion regulation. They feature the same reliable Morningstar power electronics, but in a plastic case without battery type selection and in 12v only. Download Classic Series Charge Controller Data Sheet Download Classic Series Charge Controller Manual Midnite KID MPPT Controller is a 30amp 12-48volt medium sized controller with load control. It is perfect for any battery-based system.

Available in 15 amp or 30 amp, it has all of the features of a traditional (non-MPPT) charge controller, including charge and load management, optional integrated display, and basic data loggging. Фотоэлектрические модули Контроллеры заряда для солнечных батарей Контроллеры солнечных коллекторов Инверторы и ББП Зарядные устройства Ветроустановки Аккумуляторы Другое оборудование Для скачивания некоторых инструкций на русском языке требуется пароль. The PS series has settings for gel, AGM or flooded batteries. Many of our existing products were developed in conjunction with BP Solar. The regulator is housed in a rugged 19” 2RU rack mounting enclosure. The array inputs to the unit are fitted with circuit breakers.

HyperVOC allows for an even higher array voltage, reducing combiner boxes and parallel strings. In most cases, you can use 4 x 24v nominal (72 cell) modules in series. Non-volatile memory means you can program it before going to the site. Benbro has enjoyed long term strategic partnerships with various solar OEMs and we produce industrial and commercial regulators that are distributed worldwide.

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