Siruba f007jd инструкция

siruba f007jd инструкция
With auto-trimming and tubular extending roller can increase sewing quality and efficiency. Оборорудование в лизинг E-mail адрес: * Имя: * Cтегальная машина для одеял механическая — 385 000 руб. Since there is no need to cut the fabric in advance material cost can be saved. 3.The electric eye can detect feeding, edging and presser foot lifter automatically.

Suggest using the Adobe Reader 6.0 or better The patent is the most concrete achievement, and it’s also the key element for Kaulin to survive in this competitive international market. From developing the functions and mechanisms inside the machine to designing the appearances and practicability, our products earn a standing field internationally. The short cylinder has superior operating performance, which can be applied to the extensive covering seam.

Parameter setting with digital control panel. ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and RoHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment. Below is a list of Siruba parts books for all machinery all available to use freely. If you are unable to see what book you require, you can contact us by using 01978 821699 to call us (Freephone 0800 678 5853), or email us. For elastic or lace attaching smoothly and properly on women’s underwears. Simple installation, easy operation Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving. CPU control, software / hardware 2-way protection system, prolonging the product life.

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