Сигнализация mystery 203 инструкция

сигнализация mystery 203 инструкция
Try simply tightening the holts, but if the springs have cracked or are weak, replace the bolts. Don’t have the Great Mother of All Soldering Irons? These pullers cost $20 or so. In any case, twisting the boot to break the heat seal often is neces- sary, even with pliers. Basic Diagnosis If simple retightening doesn’t fix the problem, particularly if all wheels were off torque specs, you’ll have to pull the wheels for a closer inspec- tion.

Leave this business to a professional, and follow up with a normal 6- to 10-amp charge. work, and will damage the battery further. If you need a boost start to get home, well … life’s like that. Your muffler — or at least most of your muf- fler — has apparently developed a last- ing relationship with the aforemen- tioned cement block. You hike your time as you place the cup in its holder in the center console. No hurry. But the object of these is to increase the load- carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Keep applying effort w ith the wrench, and you should fee I uniform spring tension all the way to the belt-off position. If you feel bind- ing or lost motion at any point. 66 MAINTENANCE BASICS replace the tens inner. You’ll find the mileage counter in the cowl tray at the base of the windshield (the speedo cable leads right to it). There’s a hole on the back of the counter. There are after- market shock absorbers made for pickups and SUVs used primarily as transportation, and they will help. If you want more, there are additional steps you can take to further restore the ride and handling. Pull out the awl, and pull the stem of the patch through the hole.

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