Sigma sport 600 инструкция

sigma sport 600 инструкция
When handholding, the lens foot is pretty comfortable and keeps the zoom ring easily reachable. Don’t buy cheap filters: at 500mm, any lack of flatness in your filters will rob sharpness. It’s easy to test filters: look through them with a small telescope (or pair of binoculars) at a distant object, and if the image remains perfectly clear, you’re fine. The biggest drawback is that manual focus is backwards on Nikon. I hope to test the larger and more expensive Sigma 50-500mm lens later.

The subject was a person running and the missed frames caught my attention as not being normal. The OS (Optical Stabilizer) function using an accelerator sensor has been incorporated to ensure high accuracy. OS Mode 1 is suitable for general photography, and Mode 2 is ideal for panning shooting for motor sports etc. Sigma specifies 67.4 oz. (1,910g). Hood top Plastic bayonet hood, included.

The amount of flaring seen in this range was not unusual. And they make travelling so much easier when the airlines now have so many baggage restrictions. Specifically in regard to focal length range, one 150-600mm lens has no advantage over another 150-600mm lens.

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