Siemens micromaster 440 инструкция

siemens micromaster 440 инструкция
Page 29 (enters the command source) Factory default setting BOP (keypad) Terminal USS on BOP link USS on COM link (control terminals 29 and 30) CB on COM link (CB = communications module) MICROMASTER 440 Operating Instructions (Compact) 6 Commissioning FU-spec. P0304 P0310 FU-spec. The inverter must only be operated when the nominal current in P083 exactly matches the motor rating plate nominal current.The motor data parameters must be accurately entered (P080-P085) and an auto-calibration performed (P088=1) before the motor is started. Parameters, designated with a * offer more setting possibilities than are actually listed here.

This freezes the RFG output frequency at its current value. JOG right and JOG left signals active together Make sure that JOG right and JOG left signals are not applied simultaneously —. Usually, good installation practices will ensure safe and trouble-free operation. If problems are encountered, the following guidelines may prove useful. In particular, grounding of the system at the inverter, as described below, may prove effective. As a machine builder and equipment supplier, you know that the requirements placed with regard to motors and drives are continuously increasing. However, if the drive units are operated on non-grounded line supplies, then the following points must be carefully observed:It is mandatory that line reactors are used. For this reason it is not permissible to open the equipment until five minutes after the power has been turned off. This equipment must be grounded (IEC 536 Class 1, NEC and other applicable standards).If a Residual Current-operated protective Device (RCD) is to be used it must be an RCD type B.The dc-link capacitor remains charged to dangerous voltages even when the power is removed.

These drive units can also be operated on non-grounded line supplies. Avoid installing the inverter where excessive humidity and condensation may occur.Ensure that the inverter’s air vents are not obstructed, including the air vent at the front of the unit, which should be at least 15mm from any obstruction. Automatic recognition of 2,4,6 or 8-pole motors by software.

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