Siemens fm 458 инструкция pdf

siemens fm 458 инструкция pdf
These are the features required to solve a wide range of processing tasks universally even with extremely high throughput ratesFor you this means: even more flexibility and economic viability in implementing sophisticated PLC, motion control and processing tasks. Isochronous, i.e. the CPU, I/O and user program are synchronized with the PROFIBUS cycle. Communication Communication takes place over the PROFIBUS DP interface on the FM 458-1 DP. This offers the following characteristics:Constant bus cycle time, i.e. the PROFIBUS DP cycle is always precisely the same length. DescriptionWithin the SIMATIC S7-400, the enhanced application module FM 458-1 DP is setting new standards. This intelligent module combines powerful arithmetic operations ability, high processing speed, precision and flexibility.

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