Samsung gt-s7580 инструкция

Название резервной копии включает время и дату её создания, но название можно давать произвольное, разумеется латиницей без пробелов.Восстановление:- Входим в CWM Recovery;- Выбираем «backup & restore»- Выбираем «restore»- Выбираем сохранённую ранее резервную копию. Adding shortcuts On the Apps screen, tap and hold the desired icon.Then, drag it to the Home icon at the top of the screen. Yes No Close Send us your comments Your feedback means a lot to us.

While monitoring your exercise information, tap to use additional features. This feature is available only when the Gear and the mobile device are connected. 41. Applications 41 Health Management Applications Use the pedometer, exercise, and heart rate applications to monitor and manage your health and physical condition. Setting the Power button Set actions to be performed when you press the Gear’s Power button twice. On the Settings screen, tap Double pressing home key, and then select an option. Timer Use this application to use the Gear as a countdown timer. 1 Tap Timer on the Apps screen. 2 Set the duration, and tap Start. You can use the following examples of spoken commands: • Open gallery • Call Lulu mobile • Check schedule Tips for better voice recognition • Speak clearly. • Speak in quiet places. • Do not use offensive or slang words. • Avoid speaking in dialectal accents. Хотя закон о защите прав потребителей обязывает производителей и продавцов снабжать предлагаемую ими технику инструкцией по применению, это правило соблюдается далеко не всегда.
Your exercise records appear on the screen. 5 Scroll up or down to view the records. Protect your hearing Excessive exposure to sound at high volumes can cause hearing damage. Install mobile phones and equipment with caution Ensure that any mobile phones or related equipment installed in your vehicle are securely mounted.

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