Реймарин с 80 инструкция на русском

реймарин с 80 инструкция на русском
The fact that they sometimes didn’t charge me for bolts and nuts and replace wrong or defective parts without asking for receipts may give you a hint about the amount of money I spent there. Unfortunately, their 10 percent discount for a new boat owner program expired in a month when I hadn’t yet finished my project. Charts £29.99 • Plan2Nav – Jeppesen C Map • C Map cartography • vector charts • app free. Espar diesel forced air heat keeps everything cozy. The Boat Cable means that it is flexible, i.e. multistranded and usually tinned. I managed to install a 3/4″ electrical PVC conduit on a starboard side. Charts £26.99 • Memory Map – raster scanned charts • app free.

Originally there had been just two batteries: one for starting an engine and another for serving as a house battery. I decided to double the house side capacity and add one more deep cycle battery. Think about what information you want displayed for easy situational awareness and make sure you spend time customising your display to show only what you need and, ideally, nothing more. The 15A breakers are really useless on my boat and they are expensive to replace, so I just complemented the breakers with a 10-circuit fuse panel. The breakers will be used as simple on-off switches and the over-current protection will be provided by the fuses. Many apps only use degrees and decimals to report positions, which could be confusing, particularly in an emergency situation.Range rings Set up range rings to use as clearing zones on navigational hazards, or even to indicate the three-boat-length zone around a mark when racing. June 2011. Windgenerator LVM Products Aero4gen. 6 blades. 6 to 8 amps at 20-25 knots.

Third, the supporting frame structure must have been built to hold heavy batteries in place during a severe weather and even a potential overkeel. I had to make a trip to the so familiar Home Depot and bought couple of red oak planks and metal brackets. New Zealand electrical standards are quite different from American’s. Basically, all I read about how to do it properly on your boat in various books, do not apply! The original one was too small for the number of wires that I had to pull through it. I used it for data wires though such as a wind vane, a flux gate compass and an antenna for a short wave receiver. I ran a VHF cable separately. Other crowd-sourced information includes the community edits, and the ‘Active Captain’ network, which is like an online almanac. If using this type of information for navigation check the date of the edit and treat new position info cautiously. April 2009. New Bedford, USA. New electrical system — to the book! The better the rating, the higher the current can pass through a wire without burning it. It is especially important for engine spaces where an ambient air can get relatively warm or even hot.

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