Принтер hp laserjet 4250n инструкция

Now that the printer is set up and ready to use, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the printer. After you open the URL, you can bookmark it so that you can return to it quickly in the future. NOTE 2. The HP Toolbox opens in a Web browser. Set the USE REQUESTED TRAY setting on the System Setup submenu of the Configure Device menu. Delivery Asm: RM1-0026 Duplexing Gear Asm: RM1-0002 Fuser: RM1-1082 Power Supply: RM1-1070 Feed Belt Asm: RM1-0025 Fan, Left-side: RK2-02787 Transfer Roller: RM1-1110 Reg. I am doing an SBS 2008 install at a customer and have run into the whole x86 / x64 print driver problem. Page 151 2. If the edge of the jammed paper is visible in the feed area, slowly pull the paper down and out of the printer. (Do not pull the paper straight out, or it will tear.) If the paper is not visible, look in the top-cover area.

Page 70: Orientation Of Paper When A Stapler Is Installed For single-sided printing and stapling from tray 1, load the paper with the front side facing up and the top edge toward you. This had a dramatic effect on word processing software market. Through the control panel, change the configured size to match the size of the media that is loaded in the tray. See If you turn the printer power off, all quick copy, proof and hold, and private jobs are deleted. NOTE A job can also be deleted at the printer control panel. Page 146: Clearing Jams, Jam Locations, Clearing Jams From The Top-cover And Print-cartridge Areas When clearing jams, be very careful not to tear jammed media. If a small piece of media is left in the printer, it could cause additional jams. If jams are a recurring problem, see repeated jams. All printers will work with FPM (Fast Page Mode) memory; many, but not all, will work with EDO memory.[18] Some even older models, such as the LaserJet II, IID, III, IIID, and 4/4M (i.e. not 4 Plus), used proprietary memory expansion boards.

Page 148 5. Rotate the paper guide to check for additional jammed media underneath. If jammed media is present, remove it. The printer might print at a slower speed when set at HIGH 1 or HIGH 2. Use the HIGH 1 NOTE and HIGH 2 settings only if you are experiencing toner-adhesion problems. Page 143 The printer does not respond when you select Print in the software. Page 128: Replacing The Stapler Unit, To Remove And Replace The Stapler Unit To remove and replace the stapler unit 1. Locate the stapler unit on the right side of the stapler/stacker. 2. Rotate the stapler unit toward the front of the printer until the unit clicks. The printer uses heat and pressure to fuse toner to the paper.

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