Pioneer avh p3450dvd инструкция

pioneer avh p3450dvd инструкция
Connecting one device at a time is recom- Telephone standby display mended. Page 68 Section Menu operations — The front, center and rear speakers will ! If the microphone is placed in an unsuitable position the measurement tone may become automatically be adjusted to a high loud and measurement may take a long time, pass filter setting. During playback, touch the ! (AVH-2450BT/AVH-1450DVD) point at which you want to re- Depending on your iPod, there may not be sume playback the next time any output unless you use CD-IU51V/CD- the disc is loaded. Так автомагнитолы Pioneer звучат басовито, звонко, чуть резковато, автомагнитолы Alpine звучат правильно и натурально и красиво, бас у них глубокий и мощный. Page 52: Setting The Speaker Setting Section Menu operations ! Panorama (Panorama) extends the front Setting the speaker setting stereo image to include the surround Be sure to adjust the speaker settings, such speakers for an exciting “wraparound” ef- as size (bass capacity), according to the fect.

Switching visible unit Use your Bluetooth device to establish (Function of AVH-P4450BT/AVH-2450BT) a connection. Выбираете те фирмы, которые описаны в 11 пункте. For details, refer to the disc’s in- display structions. Press to return to the previous track (chap- ter). Page 10 Section What’s what Part Operation Press to change the audio language during DVD playback. AUDIO Press to switch audio output for Video CD/ DivX. Press to change the SUBTITLE subtitle language dur- ing DVD playback. Page 11: Basic Operations Basic Operations Section Basic operations Basic operations Touch panel keys Source icon HOME display Radio Selecting a favorite source. Normally, set to the excess characters will not be displayed.

Технические характеристики автомагнитолы Pioneer AVH-3450dvd: Автомобильный мультимедийный комплекс Pioneer AVH-P3450DVD новая модель 2012 года пришедшая на смену Pioneer AVH-P3350DVD. Принципиальных отличий во внешнем виде от предшественника не много, но они все же есть. When Touch Audio Language on the Video available, the subtitles will be displayed in the Setup menu. Page 60: Setting The Slideshow Interval, Setting The Aspect Ratio, Setting Parental Lock Section Menu operations ! The TV aspect ratio cannot be changed for Setting the multi-angle DVD some discs. Refer to Automatic playback of DVDs on page ! While an iPod is connected to this unit, PIONEER, Skipping to another title. Selecting the background display You can switch the background that is dis- played when listening to a source.

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