Облик 5942 инструкция doc

облик 5942 инструкция doc
This design was commonly found on 200 Series fixed turret design rewinders. The steel glue roll transfers rings of adhesive to the rubber glue roll, which in turn applies the rings of adhesive to the core. Optional Features: Flat belt mandrel drive upgrade (the cam-type metered wind can be used with a v-belt mandrel drive system however, it is preferable to convert. 200 Series PLIP-41045.000 — Timing Belt Drive This upgrade can be applied to most 200 Series rewinders. The stationary turret upgrade is designed for toilet tissue and household towel products.

Flat belts have significantly longer life than V-belts. Optional Upgrade: Plip 52690 Harmonic drive conversion series 100 and 150 rewinders. 150 Series PLIP-40838.000 — Timing Belt Drive This upgrade can be applied to most 150 Series rewinders. The helical blade clamp has three clamping screws (versus five on the equivalent standard clamp design). The helical blade clamps have springs that lift them off of the perforator blade.

The electronic speed profiles provide consistent, repeatable closed loop control of the winding profile. The cam-type metered wind system can be upgraded to camless at a future date. Controls: Rockwell Kinetix drives, Rockwell VersaView CE 1000H color HMI with Ethernet communication, Rockwell Controllogix L61 processor, Stegmann absolute encoder for master speed reference. This upgrade is designed to replace the Ohio reducer that is no longer available.

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