Nikon 8400 инструкция

nikon 8400 инструкция
There are also three fluorescent white balance settings: white, daylight/neutral white, and daylight. That’s still a feature on the 8400. If you like extra info about your photos, then this is your camera. Then you get all the metering modes, including matrix.

Кнопка на боковой левой панели или блоке объектива (как на Nikon 8700) более удобна для включения ручной фокусировки. The next item over is the 8400’s mode dial, which has the following options: Option Function Fully Automatic Point-and-shoot mode, many menu options are locked Program mode Camera chooses shutter speed and aperture. Off Camera Flash Techniques These off camera flash techniques also apply to most other CoolPix cameras that have a hot shoe or sync socket to connect an external flash.

Automatic and manual focus control, with adjustable focus area. Thankfully there isn’t too much to see on this side of the 8400. The only things of note are the USB + A/V out port, which is under that plastic cover near the top of the photo. The Bogen Umbrella Adapter is around $30 and the SC-28 (or SC-17) cords are around $75. I use two connected together and Nikon’s SU-4 wireless adapter for the second flash in a two light set up. You can put whatever you want in this menu.

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