Mobir m8 инструкция по эксплуатации

mobir m8 инструкция по эксплуатации
The 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage T35 combined an early-production M4A2 medium tank hull with the 3-inch Gun M7 from the M6 Heavy Tank in a cast, circular, open-topped turret. The M10 lacked an auxiliary generator, which forced the crew to run the main engines in order to recharge the vehicle’s batteries. This 3-inch round had a small charge in the rear of the projectile that was supposed to explode after penetration of the target’s armor plating, causing additional damage.

Если Вы подписаны на годовой пакет, Ваша подписка будет автоматически продлена на 1 месяц бесплатно. Red Army[edit] Approximately 52 M10s were supplied to the Soviet Union through Lend-Lease. This gun was fitted to a number of M10 tank destroyers. Клиент YouTube в IconBit Movie3D IPTV Помехи на иллюстрациях в этой статье связаны с тем, что Movie3D IPTV не поддерживает снятие скриншотов на программном уровне.

The M7 gun weighed 1,990 pounds.[12] The gunner stood or sat on the left side of the gun, and aimed it using the M51 or M70G telescope. An M12A4 panoramic telescope was also provided on the right side of the turret for indirect fire use. The 1239th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment was part of the 16th Tank Corps, 2nd Tank Army. It fought in Belorussia and Poland in 1944.[22] Israel[edit] Israel bought M10s from scrapyards and dumping grounds in Europe after 1948. The first batch arrived in 1951, being in very bad shape. The bosses on the glacis were retained. In late September 1943, a single M10 was tested with an Oilgear hydraulic traversing motor that could traverse the turret even without the counterweights, but this modification was not pursued as the production contracts were reaching their end. Unlike other vehicles such as the M4 Sherman, M5 Stuart, or M7 Priest, the M10 was never assigned a nickname or referred to with one when used by American soldiers.[3][4] They simply called it a «TD» (a nickname for any tank destroyer in general) beyond its formal designation. Телеприставки, предназначенные для потокового телевидения – тоже не самый удачный выбор. А потому недорогие устройства под управлением Android, которых на рынке всё больше и больше, могут стать интересным выходом из ситуации. Наиболее распространенной причиной подтормаживания при просмотре видео с FS Videobox, является высокая нагрузка на сам сервер.

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