Инструкция venton dishpointer basic plus

инструкция venton dishpointer basic plus
Then all the DishPointer functions work as they should be, e.g. the map loads up, you can enter your address, the line is drawn, you can zoom in and out, etc. Version history: v2.2.1 — NEW: Auto-Calibration — Enhancements: User-Instructions — Enhancements: Location updates — Enhancements: User experience — FIX: Several minor bug fixes Version history: v2.0.1 — Bugfix: On some devices the app would force close on start up. Imagine you have a device in your hand which you can point in any direction and it tells you which satellite you would receive from that direction. The only other alternative for using DishPointer on the go would be Apple’s iPhone or iTouch. For zooming you can use pinch gestures, double tap, or the zoom controls.

This is for you so that you can double check the output if you wish to do so. Сервис использует Яндекс.Карты, в которых можно задать параметр geodesic=true для отображения линии в виде геодезической кривой.Угол места и угол наклона тарелки Угол места — это угол возвышения спутника над линией горизонта. Hold the phone steady, hit the capture button and wait till it takes the picture and displays it back to you.

The map automatically zooms to that location and draws the lines. You can easily determine any line of sight (LoS) issues and find the best spot for your dish. Alignment info: By tapping the marker, you’ll get alignment information such as true azimuth, magnetic azimuth (when using a compass) elevation, and skew angle of either the LNB or the dish. This makes it really easy for aligning any satellite dish. If you use a lot, then get this app now by clicking here. 13 Comments » UPDATE: This app has been superseded by the DishPointer AR apps – they are much better and easier to use. Note that the app requires Android OS 1.5 and later, a camera, accelerometers (motion sensors) and a digital hardware compass.

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