Инструкция v checker scanner for v500

Like the 210 predecessor, it scans at an almost-90 degree angle, so your documents will not slide off the glass, and it worked just as well in either orientation. Keep in mind, however, that even brand-new, unscratched plastic carriers can degrade scan quality.” How we tested Testing scanners with photo prints. Firmly push down on Printhead then close the latch and cover. If the message no longer shows on the operator panel, continue with normal installation steps for the ink cartridges, if the issue persist, continue to the next steps. One of the unexpectedly pleasant features of the 220 is its compact size. Press the Printhead firmly into position in the Printhead tray.

Open the cover, open the latch, remove and re-install the Printhead, close the latch and install the ink cartridges firmly. Close the Printhead latch, close the printer cover, and confirm the error message no longer shows on the operator panel, if the issue persist, Contact Technical Support. Users can download the latest updates through internet.
Supports a variety of vehicle models, a machine can work with several memory cards while a memory card can store multiple diagnostic software. Grab the svelte new Lomo’Instant Lake Tahoe + Lenses bundles and enjoy up to 20% savings on Instax films. The LiDE 220 can scan documents, photos, artwork or other hard-copy materials quickly and with a minimal learning curve. The devices supports nearly 20 languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, German, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Estonia, Turkish, etc.

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