Инструкция тюнера настройки гитар ft 8000

инструкция тюнера настройки гитар ft 8000
Sansui TU-919Winner: L-02T Some tuners are so different from the L-02T, in a bad way, that the A/B review is easy. Both tuners were able to pick up 88.7 which is 140 miles east of my house, but the 7500 faded in and out much more often. The problem was in the bass, or lack of it — and not just compared to the big, boss bass of the L-02T, either. Тюнер, улавливая звук настраиваемой гитары через встроенный микрофон, отображает на экране малейшие изменения высоты тона. Both tuners were in manual, mono and narrow modes, as they were in the beginning of the next test at 88.7 west.

Sansui TU-S9Winner: L-02T Occasionally, before a review, I throw a tuner on the shelf and just listen. It’s a kind of mental health exercise to escape from the clinical A/B/DX work these Shootouts sometimes become. The KT-3300D had a pleasant, punchy sound and definitely rates in the «keeper» group. The MD-108’s downfall came in the lower midrange and bass that was a little light compared to the L-02T’s richer, fuller sound. The individual images are often pinpoint and focused, while remaining full-bodied and lifelike. Yes, I did fiddle with the dial to fine tune the stations. I was able to capture KTPB on the L-02T, but the Etude wasn’t able to reject the much stronger signal on 88.5 to the southeast. The rack-mount styling and clean lines should attract those who favor this styling, me among them.

Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript, um den Newsticker zu sehen. The total package was very enjoyable and I was pulled into a long listening session. Just an observation. On to DX, the KT-1100 was good but the L-02T came out ahead again. At 88.7, the L-02T kept a large stereo image but with some background noise. Sorry, but I feel better for having said that — JMO. The TX-9800’s sound was a pleasant surprise. Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. The gain of the Pioneer was higher than the L-02T’s, so I added a stereo pot to balance the sound levels.

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