Инструкция toshiba e-studio 163

Check the pressure of the drum cleaning blade. Cleaner Is there any foreign matter, which Remove the foreign matter. contacts the drum on the cleaner stay? Then turn ON the power and make some copies to confirm that the equipment is working properly.

Discharge LED Are the connectors of discharge LED Reconnect the harness securely. harness securely connected? Important: • Data to be downloaded should be stored in the same drive as the TOSHIBA Viewer program. Replace the ozone exhaust fan. Is the ozone filter stained or dam- Replace the ozone filter. aged?
Fig. 3-40 Loosen the left-hand hinge screw at the rear side. This dedication to service and support excellence is geared to provide you with the utmost in confidence and satisfaction both now and in the future. Clean or replace the gears if they have stains or scratches. Perform 08-389 (Copying total counter / MAIN board → SRAM board) to recover the total counter. High-voltage transformer Is the high-voltage transformer out- Adjust the output, or replace the (Transfer charger) put defective? transformer.

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