Инструкция пользователя samsung gt-18190

You can allow device administrators to apply new policies to the device. • U nknown sources: Choose to install applications from any source. If not chosen, download applications only from Play Store. Page 77: Flipboard Media Scanning radio stations → Scan, and then select a scan option. Create Google and Samsung accounts to have the best experience with the device.

Page 11: Installing The Sim Or Usim Card And, Battery Getting started Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery Insert the SIM or USIM card provided by the mobile telephone service provider, and the included battery. Select one to place a call to it. The actual available capacity of the internal memory is less than the specified capacity because the operating system and default applications occupy part of the memory. Page 54: Email Communication Viewing incoming messages Incoming messages are grouped into message threads by contact. Page 116: Calls Are Being Dropped Troubleshooting Your device freezes or has fatal errors If your device freezes or hangs, you may need to close programs or reset the device to regain functionality. If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power button for 8-10 seconds. Которые Вы можете увидеть на экране телефона, будут также подробно расписаны в мануале.
Talk Use this application to chat with others via Google Talk. Tap NAVIGON select on the Applications screen. • N avigation maps, your current location, and other navigational data may differ from actual location information. Наличие данных дефектов можно проверить перед покупкой, тщательно осмотрев экран с помощью *#0*# (тестового меню) или опустив шторку статусной строки + уменьшив яркость на минимум. Лично — не заметил. 9. Камера плохо фокусируется при макро-съемке/автофокус гуляет при съемке видео.Есть такое. Page 29 Basics Double-tapping Double-tap the device to move to the top of a list of contacts or emails. Draw a pattern by connecting four dots or more, and then draw the pattern again to verify it.

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