Инструкция пользователя riso ez 200e

инструкция пользователя riso ez 200e
The EZ231’s B4-size print capability, versatile performance and affordable price make it the smart solution for handling a wide range of printing work. Use less costly paper to cut costs even further. Output setting is simple. 1. Set the original and press the start key to make a master. 2. Input the number of prints desired andpress the start key again to start printing. Also, an optional Job Separator raises sorting efficiency by inserting tape to mark the end of a job.

EZ 2 series Versatility, quality and convenience What would optimize your print job operations?Lower costs? Turn on Confidential mode, and the master on the drum is disposed of to safeguard against undesired printing of confidential documents. RISO i Quality System The RISO i Quality System offers a large number of quality and convenience benefits. Clearer photos Use dot screening (fine/coarse) for clearer photo image output. Friendly to the environment The EZ231 consumes energy very sparingly, using just about 1/6th* of the power that a photocopier requires.

But RISO EZ series digital duplicators reduce the cost per print of higher volume jobs. После оформления заказа, вы получите подробное письмо-инструкцию по оплате при помощи онлайн-системы RBK Money. Higher quality printing with a PC The optional RISO PC Interface Card USB2.0 enables direct printing from a PC via USB cable, which keeps the output looking more beautiful. An optional RISO Network Card enables network connection. Overall operating costs for photocopiers and printers can be surprisingly higher than you imagine.

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