Инструкция по xperia sp

инструкция по xperia sp
Now navigate to Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory Data Reset -> Reset Phone. Note that device detection will not automatically mean that it will also work correctly! Then turn it on until you see logo Sony. Now, slide all the way to the right so that the right-most circle will be light-grey: The top button on the mixer channel will show an input sign and an input name.

Press and hold Volume Up + Home key + Power button together. Next quickly keep tapping Volume Up until you see Recovery mode menu. Note that the controls have a number assigned to them. Make sure to reset the ‘Latency correction’ option from the Preferences to 0 first! Now hover your mouse over the option «Support Zone Now!» and click «Start». Next plese wait, until your program Install a suitable additive. Now your program will run «preparing computer for software update». Select your model.

This firmware comes with all the capabilities of Kitkat 4.4.2 firmware and also has the look and feel as that of the Nexus 5 smartphone. But there are some new features — Glove mode, color notification bar or very good construction. Success! Make sure, that your phone is off.

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