Инструкция по установке автосигнализации easycar

The Stellar units start at about $250 and add a host of additional features like a microwave proximity sensor, integrated window control, shock sensitivity, and/or remote starting. Nothing is worse than having your BMW stolen or messed with. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the kick panel, and install the valet button; you need to be able to press this button while turning the ignition on in the car. Инструкции по установке и эксплуатации автосигнализаций. — Автосигнализации, системы мониторинга, иммобилайзеры, парктроники и другие аксессуары для авто.

After the third flash, turn the vehicle ignition off. Allow the status indicator to flash three (3) times. Connect one half of the target wire to one of the CUT 2 wires Connect the other half of the target wire to the other CUT 2 wire. Чтобы всё-таки возможность разговаривать была, мы предлагаем нашим клиентам Bluetooth Handsfree системы громкой связи фирмы Parrot для автомобилей. Please sms me at 96952338 and indicate E772AS for the latest pricing with installation. Note: Pressing the OPTION 1 button while Auxiliary Output 2 is active will turn off Auxiliary Output 2. Installation Remove all fuses from the wire harness before installation. A. Siren (#20 ORANGE) Mount bell housing downwards.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the third and fourth numbers in the code. Installation of the siren is also very easy. If you’re not using a factory siren, then simply tap into the two existing siren wires with some electrical wiretaps. Example: The code is 2314. Enter the Code Entry mode. Test the sensitivity by arming the alarm system, waiting 30 seconds then slapping various parts of the vehicle with an open hand. A light slap should cause the siren to emit a warning chirp. A heavier slap should trigger the alarm.

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