Инструкция по подключению усилителя пионер gm x404

Constant road noise makes it hard for the music to be heard clearly. This added layer of protection helps to prevent damage from occurring to the amplifier and the speakers connected to it due to improper gain control adjustments. Gain Control What is power without control? To accommodate the varying range of signal levels coming from today’s factory and aftermarket radios, all of Pioneer’s GM-series amplifiers feature adjustable gain controls.

Overview Feel the Difference From dramatic distinction to dramatic design, Pioneer’s new GM-Series amplifiers are thrillers in every sense, pushing the limits of flexibility and functionality. Well, we won’t hold it against you. In fact we’ll even help you build onto your system. Bass Boost Frequency50 Hz Bass Boost Level0 dB to 12 dB Manuals. Bringing The System Together What, you DON’T own a Pioneer headunit? Qualified technicians have the necessary test equipment and tools, and have been trained to properly and safely repair complex products such as those covered by this manual. Our new and improved GM-Series prove how you can add cutting edge technology and more power to your system without breaking the bank.
The 4-channel GM-A6604 delivers a whopping 760 watts max — plenty of juice to power your speakers. It’s also got built-in low-pass/high-pass crossovers, speaker level inputs for easy connection to an OEM headunit and oversized power terminals. The GM-A6604’s speaker level inputs allow you to connect your OEM unit (or any unit that doesn’t have the typical RCA-type inputs) without having to buy add-on adapters. SO, the install goes faster, you save money, and you’ve got a Pioneer amp in your vehicle. Like all Pioneer products, these amps are fully tested to ensure that each is designed and built for performance. Variable LPF/HPF Variable LPF (low-pass filter) and HPF (high-pass filter) allow for adjustable frequency between 40 Hz to 500 Hz and greater car audio system flexibility according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. But with 760 watts max. power, you’ll get to hear all the words and all the notes.

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