Инструкция по настройка принтера 1606

инструкция по настройка принтера 1606
Fixed defect (The reduction was set to 25% automatically while setting the Reduction/enlargement override 25-400%.) Added some additional error checking in hp-makecopies. The hpijs configure flag «hplip-build» will determine if hplip_api calls are used. Fixed defect (Don’t report hpfax:/no_devices_found in CUPS 1.2). Fixed network printer detection (SLP). Added hp-probe back into tarball. Вам всегда стоит пользоваться инструкцией по установке принтера, которую вы можете найти в коробке от устройства или на сайте компании-производителя.

Fixed defect (hp-setup -i allows new printer to use an already existing queue name). Added code to check both fax and printer queue names after the user is prompted for a queue name. Скопируйте в память принтера файл с командами управления pjl и проблема решена. The code has been simplified and is no longer based on the APDK. The new driver performs no bi-directional IO which provides improved performance.

This fixed a intermittent scanning problem with PS C3100. Changed libsane-hpaio to display any received scan data after I/O timeout instead of aborting. Note all drv installs require CUPSDDK 1.2.3 or higher. Changed xsane dependency detection so that it will work if X is not running.

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