Инструкция по hitec optic 6 sport

инструкция по hitec optic 6 sport
The project began in June 2009. The project is sponsored by WRD Systems Hardware The Plane After a long period of choosing the plane, the Sig Kadet was chosen to be the one. The parts were bought from mostly SIL shop. They noticed the battery connectors should be have reverse for safety reasons. I had soldered male to battery which should have been in the wires of the engine controller. When choosing a radio controller, especially with Paparazzi in mind, make sure to buy a controller which has at least one more channel than the manufacturer recommends.

That’s not a bad thing. I’m calling it 465 sq.in. To help calculate the ISCG, the horizontal stabilizer and elevator areas were drawn onto 4 sheets of paper. The horizontal sensor is attached to the top with double nylon string. Solved why one of the servos did not move.

The Wing Area Conundrum I wanted to figure out why there was such a difference in wing area. The calculated pitch speed is 55.7 mph. I weighed all of the components that were actually going to be used. The 1.5mm allen screws were stripped out and the wrench would not loosen them. My mission for this plane is precision aerobatics. I was able to reduce the elevator physical throw some, but not the ailerons.

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