Инструкция по безопасности boeing 777

инструкция по безопасности boeing 777
Reduces flow of bleed air through the leak. The aircraft may remain afloat indefinitely if fuel load is minimal and no serious damage was sustained during landing. k k k k DITCHING NOTES Preparation Condition: Aircraft ditching and evacuation are required. When TAC is inoperative, rudder control and rudder trim are the same as with other Boeing aircraft. Position FUEL CONTROL switch to RUN at max motoring N 2 . Observe initial EGT rise and EGT within limits. Called for by PF in the approach environment. Handheld fire extinguishers are provided for manual firefighting.

This will allow the aircraft to accelerate, and will begin the management of the emergency in a timely fashion. The GPWS gear override switch may be used to prevent nuisance warnings. Ensure that the right air data/attitude source switch remains off. * * * * □ HEAT PITOT L+C+R Condition: All pitot probe heats are inoperative. Note : In situations where departure procedures require a close-in turn or minimum climb gradient profile, maintain takeoff flap setting and V2 to V 2 + 15 until those conditions have been satisfied. Собираюсь лететь в Хошимин Аэрофлотом, муж ростом 212 см.

Все пассажиры были эвакуированы.[27] Boeing 767 — двухмоторный турбовентиляторный низкоплан со стреловидным крылом и однокилевым оперением. Phase Lines A dashed line on either side of a condition statement in a procedure indicates that the crew may delay the performance of the procedure at that point. Остро встала необходимость иметь самолёт, который находился бы в нише между такими машинами, как Boeing 767-300ER и Boeing 747-400. Тем более, что DC-10 и L-1011 были разработаны ещё в 1960-х годах и в скором времени должны были исчезнуть с рынка.

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