Инструкция pentax k 50 на русском

инструкция pentax k 50 на русском
Для защиты авторских прав K-5 умеет вносить в EXIF данные изображения информацию об имени фотографа и правообладателей. Left:Bower fisheye manual focus Center: Vivitar 85/1.4 manual focus Right: Zeiss 21/2.8 manual focus A common question from Canon EOS owners is whether older manual focus lenses from other manufacturers can be used with a Canon EOS body. The close focus distance is a very useful 0.7m. The downside is the front element rotates, like many zoom lenses of the era. For the type of lens with a pin, the adapter has to be designed to depress the tin in order for you to have manual aperture control.

You also have more creative control over specific focal points with manual focus than with auto focus lenses. Since the introduction of the K10D digital SLR model, they are mainly used for powering Silent Drive Motor and DC motor lenses. The MZ-30/ZX-30, MZ-50/ZX-50, MZ-60/ZX-60, the *ist series and the K100D/K110D lack the mechanical stop-down coupler/indicator. In these cameras – in aperture priority mode – the aperture is set by a dial on the camera body, and no longer on the lens. Скажите, где я могу найти руководство по эксплуатации фотоаппарата на русском языке?

Other Lens Adapters — Tamron Adaptall and T-mount Tamron Adaptall One other series of manual focus lenses can be used on EOS bodies, and that is the Tamron «adaptall» series. Other, numeric settings are used for manual aperture modes—aperture priority and full manual mode. Know that if you are fortunate enough to ever use an M37 lens that you’re using the end-product of thousands of hours of engineers and other nerds using slide rules, protractors, and calculation tables to figure out how light would move through glass lens configurations. These lenses can be mounted on just about any camera body via the appropriate «adaptall» adapter. Also, with manual focus lenses, once you set the focus it will hold with no risk of the autofocus kicking on and re-focusing your lens at the wrong location.

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