Инструкция passap duomatic sd deco

инструкция passap duomatic sd deco
Once it pops out, it simply slides out of its track. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! Shop Find the manual for your machine or get inspiration from vintage publications. Happy Birthday to me. It’s my first blogiversary. To celebrate, I’ve prepared a photo tutorial on how to take apart, tear down, and deep clean a Passap Duomatic knitting machine. Passap duomatic — это единственная вязальная машина, для которой не нужны грузы и гребни. Вязка идет на 2 фонтрурах (зигзаг со сдвигом). Дошла до горловины и встала.

Notice how little of the metal tab on the handle is visible. To remove the handle, simply reverse the steps. Passap Deco User Manual for Passap Knitting Machine is available for download here now. Continue sliding the handle up to the racking gear mechanism. These of course come with our usual Limited warranty Guarantee.We also guarantee you need have no concerns about repairs or service.Our PARTS DEPARMENT (largest in Canada) carries enough spare parts to service these machines for the next 4-5 decades, or more. Это высоконадежная и прочная машина, особенно при использовании в домашних условиях. На ней можно вязать практически все виды трикотажных изделий. You will still need the pinkie pdf for everything else on the Duomatic 80. In my usual fashion, there are a ton of pictures for your maintenance enjoyment – 18 pages worth.

Brother PLEASE NOTE: As of the end of 2012, Brother has changed their FTP website again. A login screen appears. Elaine asked in the comments, Just found your Web site this morning and am so happy I just want to get started kniting this baby blanket as soon as I find out how to install the racking handle and how to put the deco on to the front bed. From the side you will see a metal bracket with a hole. Turns out the face cam on my back lock has been hitting the control lever white nubs way too hard. It’s a miracle I never sheared one off.

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