Инструкция на навигатор пфкьшт уекуч 10

инструкция на навигатор пфкьшт уекуч 10
Latitude and Longitude assume that the earth is a big ball and defined as a spheroid. Tent — camp ground cross — used for intersections. (most used icon for me) T — temp — only used for tracbacks. The UTM, Universal Tansverse Mercator, system does a similar thing with the earth by slicing vertically every 6 degrees thus creating 60 such slices around the world.

Таким образом, вам больше не нужно вводить координаты и описания вручную. Plan Your Next Trip Take charge of your next adventure with BaseCamp™, software that lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks. Select the desired icon and whether the text you wish to be displayed on the map page. Finally, if you need to view several waypoints that are not in the closest nine you can create a route of up to 30 waypoints. If this is activated they will all be visible on the map page. Study the map legend for this information or check with the map manufacturer.

Both techniques require that you pan to the point where you want to place a waypoint. Here is how to proceed: From your current location mark a waypoint. While Garmin can display and convert from the three different systems used to define lat/lon there can be considerable confusion among users looking at the display and comparing it to some external information. Most gps units do not have a compass and cannot show a compass heading when stopped but will hold the last setting received.

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