Инструкция на кенон power shot sx50hs

инструкция на кенон power shot sx50hs
And so on…but many of these attributes are what you’d expect from any small sensor digicam and come with the territory. The PowerShot SX50 supports an external flash, filters (with an optional adapter), and a wired remote control, among other things. The SX50 allows you to manually adjust the shutter speed and aperture, white balance (with fine-tuning), and focus.

No consumer Please help us improve our service by completing a short survey based on your experience of the Canon Support website. First, the lens is slower, which will affect its performance in low light. In addition, rated battery life has dropped by nearly 20%. The PowerShot SX50’s bundle is certainly nothing to write home about. Also included with the PowerShot SX50 is PhotoStitch. Исходный файл (20 МБ) Луна — яркий объект. На базовой светочувствительности камеры ISO 80 при отрытой диафрагме f/5,6 (для больших фокусных расстояний объектива) ее можно снимать с выдержкой ≈1/50-1/100 c, что позволяет хорошо различать структуру рельефа и тени. Canon made it a point to improve performance on the PowerShot SX50, and they certainly did. Is the SX50 now the fastest super zoom in the land? No, but it’s still pretty good.

Необходимо обеспечить и стабилизацию, и поиск объекта съемки, который при таком «приближении» нелегко удержать в поле зрения. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. {} Complementary Content ${loading}. Below are 100% crops from ISO 100 to ISO 3200 with no noise reduction applied. Those days have passed, with manufacturers now putting the whole thing on a PDF file on an included CD-ROM. To make matters worse, the printed «Getting Started» leaflet that is included is so bare-bones that you’ll be reaching for that CD-ROM disc in no time.

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