Инструкция на фотоаппарат nikon е8800

инструкция на фотоаппарат nikon е8800
First, have a look at this movie (756 KB), which was taken with and without VR. For some photo evidence, check out these crops: VR on, 1/15 sec shutter speed VR off, 1/15 sec shutter speed The last two items in the above photo are the I/O ports and speaker. The zoom and scroll feature (my term) lets you zoom into your photo by as much as 10X, and then scroll around in the image. The door covering the battery compartment is fairly sturdy, but could be better.The included EN-EL7 battery is shown at right. You can click on the links above to see the original (and unrotated) images from the two cameras, or you can just look at my crops below. PictureProject main screen Nikon includes a brand new software product with the CP8800 called PictureProject. It’s nothing to write home about. Shutter Priority mode You choose the shutter speed and the camera picks the correct aperture.

Корпус металлический, поэтому камера производит впечатление надежного профессионального устройства. ЖК-экран хоть и показался мне не очень большим, тем не менее, достаточно четкий (1.8″, TFT, 134.000 пикселей) и неплохо смотрится даже на ярком солнце. Once the camera focuses on that sensor the dynamic mode set above takes over and automatically selects among AF sensors to track the subject if it moves around. This has nothing to do with the absolute speed of the subject. It’s trivial to hold focus on an airplane doing 550 knots 10 miles away and very difficult to hold focus on a 6 year old kid running towards you from five feet away.

You can straighten crooked images, or adjust the D-lighting feature that I’ll discuss later. Although VR has been a notoriously poor choice when panning the camera, Nikon designed its implementation to detect intentional horizontal camera moves and apply VR in only the vertical direction. The VR system seems to be a little more advanced that other stabilization systems that I’ve seen. Type G — с особо ярким центральным пятном и 12 мм кругом микропризм. Choose from portrait, party/indoor, night portrait, beach/snow, landscape, sunset, night landscape, museum, fireworks, close-up, copy, backlight, panorama assist, sports, and dusk/dawn. Interestingly enough, the CP8800 doesn’t have the hybrid focusing system that the cheaper CP8400 does.

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