Инструкция мультисвич ls-316

инструкция мультисвич ls-316
Microdynamics PM7000 will take about half an hour to reach its normal operating temperature, which, by the way, is not much warmer than the ambient temperature. They appear chunky, but in reality, they are not nearly as convenient as they may appear. This allows the processing of entire batches ‘sleeve-to-sleeve’ in less than one hour. The factory’s critical listening room needed a vibration free, solid platform to allow equipment to play under optimal conditions. In a challenging environment full of hostile vibration, other equipment racks couldn’t deliver the desired result. Speed and tempi were good, but not outstanding.

Claimed response is 37Hz-35kHz with 89dB sensitivity and 150w power handling. An LE Limited Edition version of 99 pairs ups the efficiency rating by 2dB, pursues pricier Mundorf xover parts, goes silver for its hookup wiring, ceramic for its footers and includes a maintenance wax kit. Its circuitry is hand-wired point to point with polypropylene coupling caps, 1% tolerance metal film resistors, an Alps pot, silver-plated connectors and a solid oak casing. But it enjoyed being pushed out of the slow lane, it finds its way much better in the fast lane. The ICF-SW7600 tunes from 150 to 29995 kHz for solid coverage of LW, MW and shortwave. The three sections of the loudspeaker are housed in three separate cabinets with separate crossovers in each.

Our approach continues to be straightforward: best results come from simple circuits executed with quality parts. Stainless steel spikes and a suspension frame hold the loudspeaker rigidly for best imaging and bass control. » Каталог » Телекоммуникационное оборудование » Сортировать по: Выводить по: 50 100 все Сортировать по: Выводить по: 50 100 все Спутниковое и кабельное телевидение в нынешнее время является очень распространённой технологией доступной каждому человеку.

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