Инструкция маус рекордером про 2

Most actions cause windows, buttons, labels or images to appear or to change. Check which pixel consistently changes color before/after the wait event. You can specify a separate key-down and key-up event to allow adding automation in between. Loop playback To loop the macro, enter the desired number of repetitions in the ribbon bar and press Play. Uninstall Mouse Recorder Exit the Mouse Recorder program if it is still running and remove the software with the operating system feature to remove programs (please refer to the OS documentation for more information).

Samsung’s superior 3D technology uses sophisticated algorithms to minimise image layers and maximise response speed, for more fluid and clear viewing. Before using Automation in actual Environment, do test the script execution with simple applications. For those, who took too many naps in school: 1 second = 1,000 milliseconds. 1 minute = 60,000 milliseconds.

Program settings Click «File» » «Settings» to open the program settings. Bild 1 von contentElement.size ( Sebastian Minnich ). Fix target window size Mouse Recorder stores the window size and position for each 3rd party program window you are controlling while you record a macro. The higher the sample-rate, the higher the accuracy of the mouse recording. The recorded video will be brought into PowerDirector’s media room for further editing.

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