Инструкция liebherr kgk3255

инструкция liebherr kgk3255
Our first complaint when the refrigerator arrived was the pokey ice production. Cannot adjust the temperature in the freezer. No help with any problems and no service available. Wow, I had no idea people have so much problems. You will need to defrost the fridge completely and have it turned off — leave the doors open.

Отрегулируйте опоры агрегата так, чтобы он не качался при открывании дверей. The temperature control is so bad in the freezer that my Ice Cream melts and is always soft even when the temp says 4 degrees. Diese können Sie dem Gerätetypenschild entnehmen, welches sich bei Standgeräten an der linken Geräteinnenseite und bei Gefriertruhen an der rechten Außenseite befindet. При установке холодильника рекомендуется слегка наклонить его назад, к стене, такая мера позволит резиновому уплотнителю дверец максимально плотно прилегать к самому шкафу. Gerhard’s Store where we purchased this is no better.Helpful?YesNoThis was a very expensive unit that is designed to be integrated with your kitchen cabinets by placing panels on the doors and freezer compartments.

Fun.REPLACEMENT COST. Can you buy just the plastic ice tray? No, you have to buy one ice tray, one thermistor assembly, and two plastic parts that never break. From our experience, I would never recommend this refrigerator. My husband & I recall our parents having the same refrigerator for our entire childhoods. Why? Because it will cost $7k to replace it (similar to the original price). For that much money, an appliance better live for about 20 years. The cover of the manual had one warranty period. In small print inside they had a much shorter period. I waited to repair it as I thought I had years. Многие покупатели не знают о таком нюансе, и сразу выбрасывают упаковку.

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