Инструкция крепления для лыж fischer xcelerator skate nis

инструкция крепления для лыж fischer xcelerator skate nis
Performs equally well in fresh powder, crud and ice. The skis offer reliability combined with ease of use, while the boots provide comfort, warmth and stability.EVOShorter than traditional skis, equipped with innovative sidecuts and camber as well as a Rocker effect, the EVO range is the perfect solution for all-terrain Nordic skiing. Please select this option below.These backcountry exploring skis are compatible with any BC NNN, SNS, 75mm-3pin backcountry-telemark binding systems etc.Interested in building a complete ski equipment package that includes this item? We specialize in ski equipment packages. Всегда грамотные консультанты, огромный ассортимент, известные марки и отличные цены! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.  Meny.

When steeper, longer climbs come along and you start to slip, putting on the EZ Skin kicker skins is like turning on four wheel drive. Велосипеды горные и bmx, роликовые коньки и скейтборды, горные и беговые лыжи, сноуборды, ледовые коньки и хоккейная экипировка, товары для альпинизма и скалолазания, туристическое снаряжение. Non-F.I.S. race skis offer tighter long (LT) and short (ST) turn shapes but still knife down icy courses and lay trenches down the steepest groomed pitches.

The very comprehensive range consists of seven models with seven different sidecuts, to offer each skier a product tailored to his or her style, from the most daring to the most playful. Классический дизайн подойдет под любой вид спортивной экипировки. 90,00 руб. Революционные профессиональные крепления для конькового хода для лыж с пластиной NIS Art.no. S49015 Weight 210 g Flex hardness 60 ShA Entry manual Assembly NIS Sizes 35 — 52 Color schwarz/gelb. Skins make climbing any vertical in the backcounty effortless. The widest skis also feature a Rocker for greater ease in deep snow.JUNIORFITNESSRossignol’s TOURING skis deliver ease-of-use, comfort and stability for recreational skiers and active winter enthusiasts.

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