Инструкция к телефону 26958ge1-a

инструкция к телефону 26958ge1-a
Using other power supplies may damage the unit. Then enter your security code to access the answering system. HANGING THE ECURITY TIP: After pressing format/answerer, press *tone after you hear the voice menu. Page 16 ELETING THE URRENT ELETING ECORDS ID N IALING A ALLER HANGING THE UMBER NOTE: To clear the local area code, press and release flash/program, until ENTER AREA CODE is displayed. Para más información sírvase llamar al 1-800-8-BATTERY o entre en contacto con su centro Ni-Cd local de reciclaje. Also, it’s a good idea to make these calls in off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information or contact your local recycling center. Ni-Cd ATTERY product indicates that we are participating in a… Page 26 ENERAL RODUCT ANDSET OUND IGNALS NSWER TATUS NDICATORS… Page 27 ANDSET NDICATORS Indicates a memory location is vacant.

Page 7 NSTALLING THE HONE AC ( ONNECTING THE NOTE: DO NOT connect the telephone line to the modular jack until the phone has charged for 12 hours. CAUTION: Use only the ATLINKS USA, Inc. power supply 5-2521 (black) or 5-2520 (white) that came with this unit.

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