Инструкция к ситроен с1

инструкция к ситроен с1
However, it does bump up the price by quite a bit so we’d stick to the middle-of-the-line ‘Feel’ trim. The colour continues inside, which gives the car cheerful feel, plus this latest C1 is more lavishly equipped than the original. Machine-welded rear axle, of trailing arm type with deformable axle crossmember. The gasket surface is coated with NBR in order to make the cylinder head more air-tight. NOTE : NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) : rubber material known for its resistance to heat, oil and wear.

Uncouple the vacuum pipe at «a». Refit : The screw (2) The scuttle panel… Page 185 ADJUSTING THE HANDBRAKE The handbrake adjustment is under the central console. IMPERATIVE : Respect the safety and cleanliness requirements. Page 15 GENERAL SPECIFICATION : TOWING THE VEHICLE Vehicle towing Towing eye WARNING : When the engine is not running, steering and braking are no longer power-assisted. Citroen C1 Feel It may be a greater initial outlay, but the extra kit will mean that you’ll enjoy it more and be able to ask for more when you come to sell it on. Page 71 CHECKING AND SETTING THE VALVE TIMING Engine : CFA Tighten the 5 screws in the sequence indicated.

The dashboard is designed in clean, uncluttered lines, with attractive touches of colour on the multimedia surround, air vent trim and gearlever surround.The cabin ambience is cheerful and upbeat with bright trim colours. COMFORT Citroën C1 is designed to make everyday life easier. This diagnosis informs the driver if the depollution equipment is no longer fulfilling its role. Decelerate to an engine speed of 1000 rpm.

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