Инструкция к радиостанции alinco

инструкция к радиостанции alinco
When the key is pressed and held, the frequency decreases rapidly in one MHZ increments. You may select 1 of 4 autodialer memory channels. This Mini-manual is ideal ready reference and memory jogger for programming and operating this all-mode, HF bands transceiver. The decimal point will re-appear, and that memory channel is restored to scan. 13.5 ARM SCAN To initiate the ARM scan option, push the «ARM» key to select the ARM mode. The LCD will display 145.00 (VHF) and 445.00 (UHF), and you can now access Cross Band Repeat.

You will need to use our SLCAB8R Mic cable and connect the SignaLink to the Mic jack instead. JP-1 Pin-outTigertronics manufactures a special cable for ICOM 13-pin Accessory Ports. Главная » Сервис мануалы » Радиостанции Производители: Alan , Albrecht , Alinco , Cobra , Erika , HYT , Icom , Kenwood , Midland , Motorola , Onwa , President , Radiopribor , Stabo , TTI , Uniden , Vertex Скачивать файлы могут только зарегистрированные пользователи. Don’t release the PTT yet. 3. Press the «A» key on the hand held. Connect the supplied right-angle mono audio cable between the SignaLinks SPKR jack, and the KX2/KX3s Phones jack. Be sure that both plugs are fully inserted. KX2/KX3 Radio Settings: 1 — The Mic Bias setting in the KX2/KX3s menu system should be turned OFF if you are using jumper wires.

Для раций Алинко мы можем предложить недорогой вариант гарнитуры EMP-3967.Alinco DJ-500 имеет яркий дисплей с тремя вариантами подсветки, удобно лежит в руке и обладает отличным качеством передачи голоса. When the key is pressed and held, the frequency increases rapidly in one MHZ increments. While holding the «FUNC» key push the «Power» key on the front panel.

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