Инструкция к panasonic lumix 3ee-k

инструкция к panasonic lumix 3ee-k
Not set to mode appropriate for distance to subject. (Focus range varies according to recording mode.) Subject outside of focus range. Menu type REC menu REC menu REC menu MOTION PICTURE menu Changing image preferences (P.69 — 80) • Displays settings such as white balance, sensitivity, aspect ratio, and picture size. Shutter button Set to : Pictures and motion pictures can be taken. : The captured pictures and motion pictures can be played back. Flash • Do not touch the lens. • Do not block the microphone when recording audio. (P.12) •… Page 30: Turn On The Power Basic shooting operation Turn on the power Status indicator illuminated for approx. 1 second.

Page 119 Panasonic digital cameras (LUMIX) that were sold before July 2008. Motion pictures recorded in ‘AVCHD Lite’ format cannot be played in devices that do not support AVCHD. Page 120 Q&A Troubleshooting (Continued) TV, computer, printer No image appears on TV. Image blurred or not colored. This is also effective for correcting jitter when pressing the shutter button, by setting the self timer to 2 seconds. Recording capacities/times displayed on LCD monitor may not be reduced regularly. For details, see the manual for your computer.

Кроме того, контрастному автофокусу (в отличие от фазового) не принципиальна диафрагма и уровень освещённости — были бы контрастные элементы в кадре, а сфокуссироваться он сможет. Charge the battery and set the clock before use. Status indicator Set to the desired recording mode Motion picture button •… Page 29 Please set the clock before shooting (P.17). Holding the camera/Direction detection function AF assist lamp • Stand with your arms close to your body and with your legs apart.

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