Инструкция к маркеру tippmann bravo one

инструкция к маркеру tippmann bravo one
The upper body is a solid-machined piece of aluminum, and has a centered adjusting feedneck to allow use of any hopper. Рабочее давление — 300 psi, что позволяет использовать маркер с баллоном низкого давления. Your marker should reflect that. 10 You can also lower your a5’s trigger pull by getting a mechanical pencil spring and swapping it with part #2 in the manual. If the spring is two short it may cause the marker to fire randomly. The Crossover utilizes the latest version of the FlexValve, allowing it to fire in both Electronic and Mechanical modes.

While higher rates of fire are possible, the stock mechanics are not designed to deal with the stresses this will place on them. The Alpha Black Elite, consisting of just the marker and its accessories. The FT-12 uses a new body design never seen before in a Tippmann, using die-cast receivers. This feed system was prone to breaking paint, partially due to the spring tension, and partially due to the heavy action of older Tippmanns. The 98 Custom utilizes a «quick-thread» design that allows for quick and painless installation/ removal, and can take all 98 Custom threaded barrels and Flatline systems.

The marker features a new finish and a textured vertical foregrip with internal locking pins to provide extra stability. With most woodsball marker, this will be high pressure. Five balls are held between the paddles as they rotate paintballs into the firing chamber (moving 1/5 of a revolution per trigger pull). Theoretically, this system eliminates chops by positively feeding a paintball into the chamber before each shot. Carver One/ Tango One копирует внешность винтовки M4. Снабжен тремя небольшими планками Пикатанни на цевье и одной большой планкой сверху корпуса. Other advancements and features include integrated break beam anti-chop eyes, low pressure operation under 300 PSI allowing users to use LPA tanks and a magnetic hall effect trigger.

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