Инструкция к lainox kme 061 s

инструкция к lainox kme 061 s
Our commitment to continuous product development and advanced cooking technologies allows us to compete at the forefront of the commercial catering equipment market, providing chefs and caterers with the most advanced production systems available to date. This complete range of 8 models ensures all business segments are catered for saving on space. Available in 7,10,14,20 and 40 grid options, we can provide the right product for your catering operation no matter how large or small. Just like the ranges big brother, Compact by Naboo is Wi-Fi enabled giving access to the Lainox cloud where hundreds of recipes, ingredient lists and instructions can be uploaded and downloaded at the touch of the screen. Are You Ready to Take The Naboo Challenge? Naboo: Combination Oven Range Lainox Naboo: Enter a new world of possibilities… When it comes to intelligent innovation, ecological efficiency…. without compromise, Dawson Foodservice Equipment and our Combination Oven manufacturing partner, Lainox, don’t cut corners.

Un marco confirmado y prestigioso en la producción de instalaciones de calidad y potencia, para la restauración. Lainox Compact: Compact in footprint, big in performance… The Compact by Naboo offers one touch technology with innovative 7” touch screen controls that allow chefs to simply cook, programme and navigate around the Oven to take advantage of all features built into the Lainox Naboo cooking device. Enter a new world of possibilities with the Lainox Naboo range of Combination Ovens from Dawson Foodservice Equipment. This isn’t just another new range of Combination Ovens; this is the new age of technology and the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The Compact range is equipped with latest automatic liquid wash system as standard that ensures the Oven is perfectly clean after every service. The new liquid detergent formula offers maximum sanitisation and comes in a practical 100% recyclable cartridge which is simply inserted in a drawer compartment in the oven.

Compact models now all have the option of an integral HOOD meaning they can be installed with minimum fuss, minimum expense and of course be installed almost anywhere including front of house. Sapiens: Combination Oven Range Lainox Sapiens: Perfect cooking meets efficient control… Introducing Lainox Sapiens. Naboo brings full Wifi connectivity to your kitchen giving chefs access to the Lainox Cloud, a web based library for chefs to share, store and manage all types of information. Everything from menus, ingredients and recipe presentation options. There are 8 new models in the new compact range. 6 direct steam units which range in sizes from 6 x 2/3 GN, 6 x 1/1GN and 10 x 1/1 GN. A new model with boiler 6 x 1/1 GN will also be available.

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