Инструкция к камере sony dual solar charging

инструкция к камере sony dual solar charging
Depth Cursor The depth cursor, found by swiping down to the first menu page, consists of a horizontal line with a digital depth box on the right side. The Atik Infinity is the first Atik Camera dedicated to video astronomy, boasting both the speed and sensitivity required for this rewarding technique. Enter a negative vertical measurement from the transducer to keel to read the depth from the keel. Remarkably, the RX100 III also has an electronic viewfinder to fall back on in brighter lighting conditions, which has been cleverly integrated into the camera that it’s hidden away when not is use. The ring is a little small, but it’s not too over-sensitive and the ability to take full control of the RX100 III is very welcome. Choose the System That Works Best for You (See Section: Where to Buy) SonarPhone Master The owner of the SP100 or SP200/SP300 is called the Master.

There are three fish symbol sizes used to designate the relative size between targets. SP200/SP300 ONLY: Fish symbols in the 40 degree cone will appear gray. Use the Demo Mode to learn how to use your SonarPhone before go out on the water. Sharing a SonarPhone signal with Friends is EASY! Just ask the owner of the SonarPhone for their WPA password, so you can become a “SLAVE” to the owner or Master controller of the SonarPhone. Sony has included Intelligent Auto scene recognition, which works in virtually identical fashion to the intelligent auto modes of Panasonic’s and Canon’s compact ranges.

Usually, a gain level between 30% and 60% will suffice, but increasing the gain may be required for deeper waters or very soft bottoms. The self-portrait options in the self-timer menu work by automatically taking the shot with a two second delay after either one or two people have entered the frame. Bottom Lock When ON the bottom signal stays locked on bottom as you move. Note that the camera battery is charged via the USB port, rather than a more convenient separate charger, so it’s a good idea to invest in an extra battery or two for a full day’s shooting. Beam Angle Selection(SP200/SP300 Only) Press the «Beam Angle Select / Return» button on the SP200/SP300 touch pad. Live continuous stacking removes background noise so you see more of what matters, and flexible histogram adjustments make sure you never miss a detail.

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