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Светлые ячейки — это время, на которое можно записаться. Для этого нажмите кнопку «В начало»; — считывание QR кода. Для выбора специалиста необходимо нажать на окно с именем интересующего вас врача; 4. После выбора специалиста откроется его график работы. Each command must be entered on a separate line. The router may start another modem as a failover measure. These activities do not change any router settings, but the modem connection may be unavailable for periods of time while these updates occur.

Range: 10-300 seconds.) This is a good setting if you have a primary wired WAN connection and only use a modem for failover when your wired connection goes down. Use Manual Firmware Upgrade to instead manually upload firmware from a local computer or device. For example, you could create a rule that applies to all 3G/4G modems, or a rule that only applies to an Internet source with a particular MAC address. Tunnel Server IP – Input the tunnel server IP address provided by your tunnel service.Local IPv6 Address – Input the local IPv6 address provided by your tunnel service.Primary IPv6 DNS Server – (optional) Depending on your provider, this may be required. Темная ячейка означает, что на данную дату запись невозможна. Your router’s Ethernet ports are automatically configured for DHCP connection. DHCP automatically assigns dynamic IP addresses to devices in your networks.

Configuration settings farther down the list will override previous settings. This only takes effect if the default global DNS setting on the Network Settings → DNS page is «Automatic».Additional IPv6 DNS Server – Secondary DNS server.Delegated IPv6 Network – (optional) Network available for delegation to LANs. Depending on your provider, this may be required. The reply is encapsulated by the tunnel endpoint in an IPv4 packet and routed back over an IPv4 route. Select the Failback Mode from the following options: UsageTimeDisabledUsage: Fail back based on the amount of data passed over time. Корпорация NORD не несет ответственности за правильность указанных на сайте цен, а также за возможные ошибки различного характера.

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