Инструкция для тормека

инструкция для тормека
Specially ecommended for those who sharpen a lot of knives and want a perfectly sharp edge without using a leather strip. Edition 9.9: SVD-185 updated to fit exchangeable cutters from 4–8 mm. The Tormek is one piece of plastic that measures the angle of the jig and also can measure the current angle on the tool. Based on this, I suspect the stone will only last another 9 to 12 months. As you can tell, I use this tool very (very) often.

There was never a moment in which the top of my Tormek machine was dry but it never affected the performance of the tool despite the tendency to create a watery mess on the bench top. Rest both points of the AngleMaster on the grindstone. Max tool width 36 mm.Example with hollow gougeExample with V-toolExample with exchangeable bladesCode 301317Price ∗ € 69.90 Multi Jig SVS-50 For an exact replication of the shape on turning skew chisels with a straight or curved edge.

Everything about this unit is designed to last. The Tormek SuperGrind grinding wheel can alternate between 220-grit and 1000-grit with a quick treatment from the two-sided Stone Grader (SP-650). The difference between the two grit states is noticeable both in the feel of the tool on the stone and the grind marks produced. The motor spins the wheel at 90RPM through a trough of water. Copes with tools down to 45 mm (1-3/4 inch) length and max width 38 mm (1½).This patented jig was developed for short woodcarving tools, butt chisels and tools for power carvers.

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